First Mulan Reactions Tease A Very Different Disney Remake


We all know the drill by now when it comes to Disney’s live-action remakes. After the likes of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King, we go in expecting a very faithful translation of the animated classic. However, the new Mulan has always promised something different. With no Mushu the dragon or Captain Shang or even the original songs, fans have been worried about if Mulan would manage to capture the magic of the 1998 movie. But the first reactions are now in, and they’re nearly all glowing.

Most of the critics who attended an early screening of the film have shared positive thoughts about it on social media, with many praising how different it is from the animated flick. It seems Niki Caro’s direction and star Liu Yifei’s performance as the heroine will be particularly popular.

Despite the differences, there will still be nods to the original movie, we’ve been assured.

The whole thing’s pretty mind-blowing, apparently.

Even if you’re someone who isn’t even that fond of the old one, the new Mulan is highly impressive.

On the other hand, some critics are saying the exact opposite from everyone else: that Mulan actually is still held back by the story structure of the animated film.

This is definitely the less-common reaction at this stage, though, as most critics are loving what Mulan has to offer.

At a time when other movie studios are pulling their upcoming releases from the schedules over fears that the Coronavirus outbreak will diminish ticket sales, Disney is pressing ahead with Mulaneverywhere except for China, where it’ll now be arriving in May. It remains to be seen whether this will prove to be the right move, but at least the majority of critics are saying that the film itself is definitely worth watching.