Watch: Disney Releases New Song For Mulan Live-Action Remake


As you probably know, Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan remake won’t feature the fan favorite songs from the 1998 animated original. However, the new movie has made one concession to the music of the old film. Christina Aguilera has been invited back to sing a fresh song composed for the remake, titled “Loyal, Brave, True,” as well as providing a re-recording of her iconic track from the first one, “Reflection.”

This week, the studio released the new song as well as the music video, as directed by the film’s helmer Niki Caro. The video features Aguilera, with her hair and dress somewhat inspired by Chinese fashions (which is causing some controversy online), in front of a red backdrop showing clips from the movie.

As with many of Disney’s live-action reboots, the Mulan remake has faced backlash practically since it was announced, with each new creative decision we’ve heard about dividing people. For instance, few were happy to hear the songs were being cut and that Mushu the dragon wouldn’t be part of the pic. And sure enough, Aguilera’s new song is being enjoyed by some, while others feel it pales in comparison to earlier composition “Reflection.”

Mulan had its world premiere back in March, but was unable to proceed with its theatrical release at the time due to the pandemic. The studio ended up pushing back its due date a few times until they settled on September 4th. The movie will screen in whichever cinemas are open at that time, but most will likely see it through its release on Disney Plus. Subscribers will have to pay $29.99 to view the film, in addition to their regular subscription fees. They will then be able to watch it as many times as they’d like for as long as they’re signed up to the site.

Tell us, though, what do you make of Christina Aguilera’s new song for Mulan? And are you hyped for the remake? Have your say in the comments.