The MCU Will Reportedly Have Multiple Iron Heroes Very Soon

Iron Man 2

Tony Stark may have pulled the ultimate sacrifice play in Avengers: Endgame, but if Spider-Man: Far From Home is any indication, he’ll continue to cast a huge shadow over the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time yet. Although there’s been constant speculation that Robert Downey Jr. could be tempted to return in one form or another, as the franchise’s biggest name and most popular character, there’s little chance that any and all references to Iron Man will suddenly be dropped now that he’s out of the picture for the time being.

As Peter Parker’s onscreen mentor and father figure, Tony will no doubt continue to play a major role in the MCU’s Spider-Man franchise even from beyond the grave, especially with his longtime confidant Happy Hogan now a big part of the web-slinger’s solo series. However, until it either gets officially confirmed or outright denied, a return to the fold for Downey Jr. can never entirely be ruled out.

We recently learned that Tony’s influence is set to stretch far beyond the Spider-Man movies though with the news that Iron Man 3’s Harley Keener is set to build his own suit of armor in an attempt to become a homemade superhero. And now we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ahsoka will cameo in The Mandalorian and the Justice League Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max, both of which were correct – that Harley isn’t the only new iron-clad hero who’ll be running around the MCU.

According to our intel, the studio appear to be doubling down on their efforts to establish just how far-reaching an effect Tony and his tech had on the wider universe and as well as Harley suiting up, there are also plans to introduce Iron Lad as a separate character. Not only that, but along with the Ironheart show that’s reportedly in the works for Disney Plus, we could also be seeing Peter Parker in a more comic book-accurate Iron Spider costume in a future movie, while Don Cheadle will reportedly revert to the star-spangled Iron Patriot armor at some point. For those keeping track, that means we’ll soon have Ironheart, Iron Man (Harley will apparently call himself the new Iron Man when he returns and suits up), Iron Spider, Iron Lad and Iron Patriot.

That’s enough for an entire team of Iron Avengers, but there’s also the real risk of running the idea into the ground if Marvel isn’t careful. After all, we’ve already seen variations of the Iron Man tech via Iron Monger, Whiplash, Ultron, Rescue and the dozens of alternate models seen during Iron Man 3’s climax, and just because Tony Stark is gone it doesn’t mean that audiences want as many armored heroes as possible just to compensate for his absence.