Multiple Star Trek Films In Planning Stage, Potential For Prodigy Animated Film Says Paramount CEO

Star Trek fans have had to wait more than half a decade for a new film and while no official announcement has been made to date, it seems there is plenty in the works.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, head of Paramount Pictures Brian Robbins shared some details on the future of the franchise suggesting that multiple projects are in the early stages of development, as well as the potential for an animated film.

Paramount debuted their long-awaited animated Star Trek: Prodigy series and while speaking about that and the importance it has to the future of the franchise, Robbins said that discussions have been had about an animated movie based on the franchise.

“[Star Trek Television Universe Executing Producer] Alex [Kurtzman] and I have talked about what the theatrical film version of this show is and the likes of that. We’re really excited. [Nickelodeon animation head] Ramsey [Naito] and our Nick team could not be more thrilled to explore more.”

As for what most fans are eagerly awaiting which is a new live-action movie, there seem to be no concrete plans in place right now, however, multiple ideas are being developed.

Robbins explained that “theatrical movies are the beacon that infinite franchises” and currently there are multiple projects in the work both with Kurtzman and returning director J.J. Abrams at the helm.

“We don’t know enough yet. We’re working on several fronts and obviously, Alex is the key for the franchise [on Paramount+]. J.J. has been the keeper of the franchise on the film side. We hope that as a company that we do what’s right for the franchise altogether.”

While there is no solid plan in place for the upcoming Star Trek film, fans can rest easy knowing that there are multiple ideas in the works.