‘Multiverse of Madness’ fans argue over which Doctor Strange variant stole the show

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel fans have now had a whole weekend to check out Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which not only brings back Benedict Cumberbatch as the Stephen Strange we all know and love but also sees him pull not just double or even triply duty, but quadruple duty as three other variants of the sarcastic sorcerer from across the multiverse.

So the question fans are debating on social media is: which of the movie’s quartet of Stranges is the best one? Twitter account @BingeWatchThis_ got the ball rolling by outlining the various variants — there’s the pony-tailed Defender Strange, the three-eyed Sinister Strange, the OG Strange, and the Strange of Earth-838. Plus, the animated Strange from What If…? was thrown in for good measure.

As you’d imagine, the MCU’s native Strange received a lot of votes.

Although some people are digging Defender Strange.

Zombie Defender Strange also got some love, even if he isn’t so handsome.

Others can’t choose between them.

Doctor Strange 2 has turned out to be pretty divisive, though, so a subset of fans championed What If…?‘s Strange over any of the film’s versions.

Others are still holding out for another Strange variant from the comics to show up in the hoped-for Secret Wars movie.

Cursed image.

Cumberbatch wasn’t the only one who portrayed different iterations of his character in Multiverse of Madness, as Elizabeth Olsen and Rachel McAdams likewise got to play two variants of their roles, Scarlet Witch and Christine Palmer, although there were originally plans for more of both. As for Strange, with What If…? getting a second season and the end of Doctor Strange 2 teasing more multiversal mayhem, we’d expect to meet even more of the doctor’s doppelgangers in the future of the MCU.

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