New Promo For The Mummy Welcomes You To A World Of Gods And Monsters


An ancient, inexplicable curse binds Tom Cruise to Princess Ahmanet in this new promo for The Mummy, Universal and Alex Kurtzman’s mystical reboot that’s set to unlock a new world of gods and monsters. That’s not the only thing it’s set to do though, as the pic is also expected to kickstart the studio’s Monsters Universe, one which will make room for characters like the Invisible Man, Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and more.

In terms of The Mummy, though, Cruise is attached to the part of former military man Nick Morton, who journeys to the Middle East in search of a long-lost crypt. Morton gets more than he bargained for though – much more, in fact – after freeing Sofia Boutella’s unruly deity and subsequently bringing about the end of days. Flanked by Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) and Sgt. Vail (Jake Johnson), the fate of London and potentially the entire world rests on Tom Cruise’s shoulders – not for the first time, of course – and this new TV spot is here to up the ante, teasing a spooky and thrilling adventure.

Universal is set to reanimate the titular monster in time for June 9th and just recently, question marks have been raised as to whether The Mummy has what it takes to become a bona fide franchise-starter for the studio. Analysts are pegging it for a $40 million opening weekend, which isn’t the kiss of death, but also not terribly impressive. Especially for a film that’s supposed to lay the foundations for a full fledged cinematic universe. From the footage we’ve seen so far, the reboot definitely looks like a fun ride, but it’ll be fascinating to watch how audiences react to Universal’s spooky reimagining when it debuts next month.

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