The Mummy Trailer: You Have No Idea What You Have Unleashed


An ancient, inexplicable curse binds Tom Cruise to Princess Ahmanet in the new and seemingly final trailer for The Mummy, Universal and Alex Kurtzman’s mystical reboot that’s set to unlock a new world of gods and monsters. “You have no idea what you have unleashed,” whispers Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll, who is masking a secret or two of his own.

In terms of Tom Cruise, though, he’s attached to the part of former military man Nick Morton, who journeys to the Middle East in search of a long-lost crypt. Morton gets more than he bargained for though – much more, in fact – after freeing Sofia Boutella’s unruly deity and subsequently bringing about the end of days. Flanked by Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) and Sgt. Vail (Jake Johnson), the fate of London and potentially the entire world rests on Tom Cruise’s shoulders – not for the first time, of course – and The Mummy‘s enchanting final trailer is here to up the ante, even if it’s a little trigger happy when it comes to jump-cuts.

Universal is set to reanimate the titular monster in time for June 9th. By all accounts, Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur reboot looks set to write its name in the history books as 2017’s first major box office flop – a soft opening weekend of $44 million is disappointing no matter what way you spin it, particularly off the back of a $175 million budget. But question marks have been raised as to whether The Mummy has what it takes to become a bona fide franchise-starter for Universal, so it’ll be fascinating to watch how audiences react to the studio’s spooky reimagining.

One way or another, all will be revealed in a few weeks’ time.