The New Mutants Star Will Reportedly Return In The MCU’s X-Men Reboot


The domino effect caused by the Coronavirus pandemic that’s wreaked total havoc with this year’s theatrical schedule is still continuing, but one thing that has always remained reliably consistent is that nobody has a clue what’s happening with The New Mutants.

Fox’s last X-Men movie remains stuck in cinematic purgatory after coming perilously close to finally making it into theaters, with the most recent setback marking the fifth time it had been yanked from the calendar, with the project that originally wrapped shooting in September 2017 failing to catch a single break in the time since.

However, last week saw a new trailer arrive out of the blue, leading to increased speculation that The New Mutants could be set for an imminent release on Disney Plus, which comes just a couple of months after it appeared on Amazon’s list of titles soon to become available for digital download.

Whether it ends up heading to theaters or VOD, Fox’s time at the helm of the mutant franchise will eventually be wiped from continuity as the X-Men are rebooted and absorbed into the MCU, but we’ve heard that Marvel are keen on the idea of having at least one of The New Mutants‘ major characters become a part of their own shared universe.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows were in the works for Disney Plus before either was announced – the studio want Maisie Williams to stick around as Wolfsbane. The higher-ups are said to be impressed with her performance in The New Mutants and believe she could become an important part of their plans for the X-Men.

While details on how she’d factor into the MCU are still being worked out, the studio might simply keep Williams as the same character but ignore the events of The New Mutants and just have her play a different version of Wolfsbane, similar to how Marvel are planning to approach Deadpool. Having first signed on to play the role over four years ago and still not witnessed the finished product, it would certainly mark a major upturn in Williams’ fortunes if she ended up securing a recurring part in the world’s biggest franchise as a result, and the fans would no doubt love to have her around for the foreseeable future.