The New Mutants Star Responds To It Being Called The Worst X-Men Movie Ever

The New Mutants

As you’d expect from any franchise that’s been around for 20 years, the big screen adventures of the X-Men have always been marked by inconsistency. The one and only aspect where the series managed to maintain a 100% success rate was in R-rated territory, with both Deadpool movies and Logan all becoming massive critical and commercial success stories.

Outside of that, Charles Xavier’s team and their various cohorts and associates have enjoyed a very mixed track record across the various sequels, reboots and spinoffs, along with the sequels to those reboots and spinoffs. Having gained a reputation as a project that many had labeled as cursed, The New Mutants seemed to be living up to its position as the unlucky thirteenth X-Men movie, and things didn’t get any better once it finally hit theaters and the critics got a chance to see it for themselves.

Many reviews have named it as the single worst entry in the X-Men franchise, which is not a great look when you consider that Dark Phoenix and X-Men Origins: Wolverine are also things that exist. Based on the current circumstances, The New Mutants is also poised to become the lowest-grossing installment by a huge margin, but even if theaters were operating at full capacity, it still seems unlikely that it would have been able to come close to the previous low of $252 million set last year by Dark Phoenix.

Star Maisie Williams recently took to social media to respond the negative reception that greeted The New Mutants, and all things considered, the former Game of Thrones alum handled it pretty well, as you can see below.

Williams at least tried turning a negative into a positive by encouraging her followers to head out and see The New Mutants, but there’s no doubt the 23 year-old and the rest of her castmates will be bitterly disappointed at how things have turned out after seeing their latest movie face so many problems over the last three years.