A Naked Jennifer Aniston Helps Out Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller knows how to get people’s attention. He’s figured out the ultimate secret to earning traffic on the web, and that is putting the words “Jennifer Aniston” and “naked” together. When in the same sentence, they’re pure gold.

The actor has started a foundation to help out schools in third world countries like Haiti. He’s named his organization The Stiller Foundation and while it’s an apt title, it wouldn’t exactly draw much attention.

So, instead, he’s purchased the domain seejenniferanistonnakedfoundation.com and has redirected it to his Facebook page. It’s a clever move and I’ve got to give Stiller props. Anything with Jennifer Aniston naked in the same sentence is going to get a ton of clicks and the actor is obviously capitalizing on this.

Clicking on the above link unfortunately won’t take you to nude pictures of Jennifer Aniston. But, if you are looking for some nudity from the 42 year old beauty, be sure to check out her upcoming film Wanderlust, in which she reportedly has a nude scene. The film will hit theatres on October 7th, although recent rumors have it being moved to a January release date.

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