Two More Names Appear On The Nightwing Shortlist For Batman vs. Superman


Batman vs. Superman has been a hot topic this week. It all started with the Olga Kurylenko as Wonder Woman rumor. That lasted for about a day or so and then the attention shifted to Nightwing, who is all but confirmed to be showing up in the film. In fact, we heard last night that Girls star Adam Driver was wanted for the role. He wasn’t the only contender though, apparently there were five other actors on the list and tonight, two of those names have been revealed.

According to Superhero Movie News, the shortlist contains six individuals in total and aside from Driver, the studio is also looking at Ezra Miller and Penn Badgley. Unfortunately, the other contenders are still unknown but if these rumors are to believed, then Driver, Badgley and Miller make up one half of the shortlist.

We already spoke about Driver yesterday, so let’s focus on the other two. Badgley is of course best known for his work on the hit TV series Gossip Girl, though ever since that came to an end, we haven’t seen much from him. He did show up in Greetings From Tim Buckley, which earned him positive reviews, but aside from that, he’s been keeping relatively quiet.

The same can be said of Miller, who despite shining in both We Need To Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being A Wallflower, hasn’t really done very much. That being said, he was absolutely fantastic in both of those roles and I’ve always said that he would have a promising career ahead of him. If he ends up being cast as Nightwing, it will no doubt propel him right to the Hollywood A-list, which is where he should be as he’s an incredibly talented actor.

So, with Driver, Miller and Badgley all revealed, it’s easy to see the type of person that Warner Bros. wants for Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman. They’re obviously looking for a smaller actor who’s poised to really break out, which makes sense for this role. They can’t cast a big name because they don’t want to overshadow leads Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. They need to go with someone who isn’t as high profile yet still has a proven track record, and Driver, Miller and Badgley all fit that profile. Maybe based off of that we can start to make some educated guesses as to who else the studio is looking at?

As for who I’d like to see, I’m most familiar with Miller and I loved him in both Kevin and Wallflower. Though I’m not sure I can see him as Nightwing, or any superhero for that matter, my vote is still for him as I really think he deserves to break out.

Tell us, who do you want to see play Nightwing in Batman vs. Superman? Let us know in the comments section below.