Natalie Portman’s Interested In Making A V For Vendetta Sequel


V for Vendetta isn’t just an overlooked gem – it’s one of the best comic book films ever made. It’s also a film that continues to resonate within subsequent socio-political climates, especially right now when political tensions have been as furiously divisive as they’ve ever been.

Thematically, Alan Moore’s graphic novel is all about personal liberation and anarchy; disobeying authority and following your own path, the need for chaos to find unity and peace. The film (adapted from a screenplay by the Wachowskis) doesn’t quite capture this, though it does possess its own air of anti-authoritative rebellion.

While the movie’s themes don’t fully correspond with Moore’s philosophy – to him V was a symbol, not a leader, whereas in the film he has a more personal agenda – it still does provide some food for thought, while never coming at the expense of good old fashioned action adventure.


V for Vendetta has a top-notch cast, too, and it seems that at least one of them is interested in returning for a potential sequel. Though no such project has materialized as of yet, star Natalie Portman mentioned in a Q&A hosted by BuzzFeed that she’d be down to make a follow-up. Whether one will ever happen or not, we don’t know, but given that a TV show was said to be in the works late last year, the actress may be out of luck.

Either way, whether’s it another film or something on the small screen, we’d love to see the property return in some form. After all, like we mentioned above, the original’s warnings against xenophobia, bigotry and fascism are arguably more timely than they were when the pic came out.

But tell us, what would you like to happen when it comes to V For Vendetta? Is a big screen sequel something that’d interest you, or is television the route to go? Do let us know by commenting below.

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