Natalie Portman’s Thor Will Reportedly Be A Badass In Love And Thunder

thor love thunder portman

As someone regularly lauded as one of the best actresses of their generation, one that’s been winning critical acclaim for over a quarter of a century already, Natalie Portman is capable of portraying many different types of characters, but up until now nobody would have pegged her as a badass.

She broke out as a teenage assassin in Leon: The Professional, squared off with Al Pacino in Michael Mann’s classic Heat, played Luke and Leia’s mother in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, shaved her head in V for Vendetta, underwent intense ballet training and won an Academy Award for her efforts in Black Swan, portrayed the eponymous First Lady in Jackie and convinced as a washed up pop star in Vox Lux, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor: Love and Thunder looks set to reinvent Portman as an action hero.

Set photos showed that the 39 year-old wasn’t kidding when she said she’d be hitting the gym and getting jacked for her return as Jane Foster, with the internet freaking out over her bulging biceps. Indeed, Portman looks like she could take on Thanos all by herself, and insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that Love and Thunder will make her into a real badass and have her handily overcome Chris Hemsworth’s title hero in their first fight.

The Thor and Jane relationship hasn’t really been paid off yet despite a couple of references being made to it by the Odinson during Portman’s absence, but it’s going to be one of the main driving forces behind Love and Thunder, although the actress’ guns have completely changed our expectations as to how it could potentially unfold seeing as she’s giving Hemsworth a run for his money.