National Trick Or Treat Day Means There Are Two Halloweens Now

Halloween 2018

As we march through spooky season, that eerie time of year before extensive parades and heartfelt Charlie Brown specials take over the airwaves, kids all across the country have their eyes set on the 31st: Halloween.

Every year, the sugar-filled holiday has rested firmly on the last day of October. But as of late, a lot of concerned parents have been fighting to have an official “Trick or Treat Day” designated on the last Saturday of the month. In fact, the “ALLoween” campaign (via has received over 150,000 signatures thus far.

The reasons for the proposed change are mostly out of safety concerns. According to a study conducted by, there’s been an 83% increase in deadly crashes involving kids on weeknight Halloweens, as well as a 55% increase in fatal pedestrian accidents. Plus, this would give parents the opportunity to opt for daytime Trick or Treating, an option that would make it easier for the drivers to see the children.

As this campaign has grown in circulation, it’s caught the attention of the folks behind the National Day Calendar and in a democratic decision, they’ve heard the people and added “National Trick or Treat Day” to their official calendar, noting that it falls on the “Last Saturday in October.”

So, it looks like this young holiday has now been birthed, though, and this is important, not officially by the government. Until some sort of legislative body makes this decree, parents will probably have to spread news of the event through word-of-mouth, though I imagine a lot of traditionalists won’t want to buy two sets of candy for two sets of Halloweens.