Neal Moritz Talks About Total Recall Remake

Neal Moritz, the producer on the upcoming Total Recall remake, has spoken out about the film, confirming a few things, including the fact that Colin Farrell will be starring. He also confirmed that the film will not be in 3D. Moritz noted that the film is big in scope, bigger than Green Hornet and Battle: Los Angeles. Lastly he noted that the film would stick closely to Philip K. Dick’s source story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. Moritz went on to say the following.

I think the world that Len Wiseman is creating is incredible. It’s a real world, a real future world, where the cities have just gotten so overcrowded that the cities are just built up, up, up, up. It’s just everything I see on the movie, every pre-vis I see on the movie, every conceptual drawing on this movie that I see just makes me more and more excited. We’re playing it like a real world, but there’s all these technological advancements to the real world, and it’s just really, it’s cool. It’s an awesome movie. I’m dying—as a fan of movies, more than anything, it’s a movie that I’m just dying to see.

While I’m upset they’re not going with 3D, since I think this film would have benefited from it, everything else is sounding good. I’m happy that Farrell is in the lead role and I’m really looking forward to this one. The film starts shooting May 15th in Toronto.