New Need For Speed Clips And Featurettes Zoom Onto The Web

Need for Speed

With DreamWorks revving up their engines and getting ready to bring Need For Speed to theatres in just a few short weeks, the film’s promotional campaign is making one last push. Released today were two news clips and two new featurettes, giving us a better look at what to expect when the Scott Waugh-directed racing/action flick lands in theatres.

The first clip features Michael Keaton’s Monarch, the man who organizes the DeLeon race that Aaron Paul’s Tobey Marshall is competing in. We get to see the actor in a pretty eccentric role here and as you probably tell by the footage on display in the clip, he absolutely nails it. Having seen the film, I can tell you that Keaton is a definite highlight and his performance will surely please fans who are enjoying his recent career resurgence.

The next clip is more focused on Paul and Imogen Poots, as they make a narrow escape from two cars that are trying to take them down. It features an impressive vehicle flip and gives us an idea of what type of stunts the film will be throwing at us. After all, Waugh is best known as a stuntman and it’s very apparent that he’s brought his expertise in both stunts and driving to Need for Speed.

Finally, the two featurettes give us a bit of a behind the scenes look. One focuses on the male cast while the other one features the cars and how they got them to sound like they do. Neither of them are terribly in-depth but if you’re looking forward to the film you might as well give them a watch.

Need For Speed races into theatres on March 14th. Check out the new promotional material below and let us know what you think in the comments. Will this video game adaptation be successful, or will it crash and burn?

Also, be sure to stay tuned as we’ll have a full review for you, as well as exclusive interviews with the cast, coming in the next few weeks.

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