Neighbors Writers To Direct Amusement Park Horror, Thrill Ride


Fox has snapped up a pitch from Neighbors scribes Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O’Brien called Thrill Ride. The pair are set to direct the flick, which Deadline reports will be a “comedy-horror in the vein of This Is The End and Scream.” Consider our interest officially piqued!

With the deal having only just struck, it’s a surprise that we’ve actually got a lot of information about the story already. With horror, and in particular horror comedies, continuing to draw in audiences at the box office it’ll be nifty to see how production on this rolls out.

Here’s the initial synopsis:

[Thrill Ride] takes place at a particularly cruel high school where bullying has become the norm. At Senior Night, the school rents out an amusement park for the entire senior class where everyone rides the rides and plays the games as much as they want with no lines and no rules. The only drawback: students start dying on the rides in elaborate ways. All the exits are sealed, and there is a killer on the loose turning all the rides into ways of punishing the bullies and the so called bad people at school. Kids from all different cliques have to band together to figure out who the killer is and how to stop them.

Doesn’t sound a million miles away from Final Destination 3 – the one that begins with Death exacting his plan at a theme park. While this doesn’t come across as the most original premise, Cohen and O’Brien are skilled writers who’ll no doubt put a unique spin on it.  They’re also onboard to produce along with Chernin Entertainment (behind the rebooted Planet Of The Apes franchise). The comedy duo won’t be scribbling away this time, as scripting duties are going to Peter Warren, whose previous credits include work on MTV’s Happyland.

More news on teen theme park horror Thrill Ride when it lands.