Neighbours Reunion As Guy Pearce And Kylie Minogue Tapped For Flammable Children


Not since Australian soap drama Neighbours have Guy Pearce and singer-songstress Kylie Minogue shared the screen, but that all changes today now that the pair have been tapped for Stephan Elliott’s new comedy, Flammable Children.

Rooted in a 1975 setting, Elliot’s feature has already cast fellow Aussie Radha Mitchell, and orbits around six families living in a classic beach community Down Under. Best known for helming The Adventures of Priscilla and Queen of the Desert, Elliott has teased that his latest directorial effort is loosely based on his own family experiences.

No word yet on who Pearce and/or Minogue will be playing in Flammable Children, though it seems safe to assume that they’ll star opposite each other as husband and wife. Due to step in front of the cameras towards the end of the year, a brief synopsis of the domestic dramedy outlines Elliot’s feature as one that takes place when the “sexual revolution is in full swing; Australia is in the throes of a constitutional crisis; and in a sleepy beachside suburb, an extraordinary event will set in motion a crucial, comical and revelatory week for a teenage boy and girl. Something is about to go spectacularly wrong, and their lives will change forever.”

Shooting is expected to take place Down Under in October, putting Flammable Children on course to hit screens in early 2017.