Neil Blomkamp Shares Concept Art From Ill-Fated Alien 5


If you’ll recall, there was a time not very long ago when us fans of the Alien film franchise thought that the series was on the verge of a renaissance. Think about it: Not only was Ridley Scott unraveling his line of prequels that began with Prometheus, but Neil Blomkamp was also set to roll out what’s often been referred to as Alien 5, which would’ve diverged from the timeline we’ve come to know by serving as an alternate sequel to Aliens.

But since the studio (at first) put all their chips behind Scott by backing Alien: Covenant and all theoretical sequels rather than Blomkamp’s flick, we were told that it was unlikely we’d see the legacy of Ellen Ripley be continued, at least in this form. Obviously, this caused us all to wonder what might have been.

Speaking of which, Blomkamp himself recently took to his Instagram page to share a couple pieces of concept art, hinting at what the ill-fated film could’ve looked like.

In one image, we have a Xenomorph climbing up a shaft, thus letting us know that the tension and horror the franchise was built upon would have been retained. In addition to that, we see a loading bay or something of that sort that teases the scope of the would be production design.

To the surprise of none, some fans think this means production on Blomkamp’s Alien 5 is going forward, but that’s probably not the case. In fact, smart money says he’s just declassifying this stuff since his vision won’t become a reality, but it never hurts to hope. Besides, with Scott’s sequel to Alien: Covenant now also apparently dead, who knows what the future will bring?