Neil Burger Set To Direct U.S Remake Of The Intouchables

Neil Burger

The Weinstein Company has been trying to develop a remake of French language hit film The Intouchables for a number of years, and has cycled through many combinations of stars and directors. The project looks set to go now, however, with final deals apparently in place for lead actors Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, and director Neil Burger (Divergent).

The adapted script comes from Jon Hartmere (The Electric Company), and reportedly provides a new spin on the original material that was written by French filmmakers Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. It’s not clear how this Hollywood update will depart from the original, but the plot of that 2011 film sees a wealthy man hire a less wealthy man as his caretaker after he is paralyzed in a devastating hang-gliding mishap.

While the continued determination of Hollywood to remake any successful film made overseas is somewhat disappointing and tedious, the union of Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart is definitely intriguing. While Hart is an exceptionally skilled and prolific comedian, it has been some time since we’ve seen Cranston in a role that is more comedy than drama. Lest we forget, before he became synonymous with anti-hero Walter White in Breaking Bad, the multiple award winner starred in 151 episodes of Malcolm In The Middle.

With the pairing of Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart confirmed, and accomplished director Neil Burger firmly at the helm, it seems that The Weinstein Company may have a successful adaptation on of The Intouchables on their hands after all.

Source: Deadline