Neill Blomkamp On The Chances Of Alien 5 Seeing The Light Of Day


Things aren’t looking too good for Alien 5. More than two years on from the moment Neill Blomkamp set the Internet alight with a host of intriguing concept art, the director recently conceded that the chances of his proposed sequel seeing the light of day are currently slim.

Responding to one curious fan on Twitter (via Bloody Disgusting), Blomkamp commented on the status of Alien 5, which has been “on hold” for more than a year to clear the path for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant – and, presumably, its nebulous sequel that will eventually dovetail the Prometheus saga with the franchise’s original timeline. Even as Covenant inches closer to its theatrical release, Blomkamp’s sequel remains stuck in stasis, with the director stating in no uncertain terms that right now, the jury’s still out on whether Ellen Ripley will ever get the fitting conclusion she deserves.

Per Twitter:

Early on in development, Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn both expressed an interest to return to the Alien universe, though a lack of tangible progress soon put a dampener on any excitement that Alien 5 had garnered. Other intriguing tidbits about Blomkamp’s stalled project include the potential inclusion of an older Newt, not to mention a “great script” that will seemingly be worth the wait. And judging by Neill Blomkamp’s latest status report on Alien 5, we could be waiting a long time yet.

Next up for 20th Century Fox’s horror flagship is the release of Alien: Covenant on May 19, 2017. Blomkamp, meanwhile, is currently eyeing his next project – just don’t expect a sequel to Chappie.