Neill Blomkamp's RoboCop Returns Will Be Rated R
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Neill Blomkamp’s RoboCop Returns Will Be Rated R

Unlike the ill-fated reboot from 2014, Neill Blomkamp's RoboCop Returns will be rated R and contain lots of satire about modern-day America.

Neill Blomkamp, the creative mind behind District 9, Elysium and Chappie, has announced that RoboCop Returns will be rated R. And that it will contain plenty of exploding squibs… kind of.

Over on Twitter (h/t Bloody Disgusting), former Gears of War dev Cliff Bleszinski took a moment to celebrate Wednesday’s big reveal, before asking Neill Blomkamp if his upcoming sequel will be rated R with plenty of satire. His answer? Yes to both.

So, yes, there will be blood, as Neill Blomkamp and his team prepare to craft a direct sequel to the classic RoboCop movie of 1987. Paul Verhoeven was the brains behind that seminal film, one that’s often credited as one of Hollywood’s first major cyberpunk movies alongside Blade Runner, so it’s fair to say that Blomkamp has some pretty big boots to fill if he’s to honor the legacy of Omnicorp’s greatest ever invention.


News of RoboCop Returns‘ R rating ought to allay fears that MGM was about to venture down the same creative avenue as José Padilha’s ill-fated reboot from 2014, which, in a bizarre departure from the tried-and-tested formula, served up a PG-13 movie about Detroit’s fiercest law enforcer. The results were less than stellar.

And for Neill Blomkamp, this could very well be the director’s return to form, particularly after Fox quietly distanced themselves from his planned Alien sequel in favor of the ongoing prequel trilogy from Ridley Scott.

Still no mention of a firm release window, but we’ll leave you with a very brief description about RoboCop Returns and its mission to reinstate the franchise’s legacy:

Anarchy reigns and the fate of Detroit hangs in the balance as RoboCop makes his triumphant return to fight crime and corruption.