Nestor Carbonell Back For The Dark Knight Rises

Everybody’s favorite mayor of Gotham is returning for The Dark Knight RisesNestor Carbonell, who many know from the TV show LOST (he played Richard Alpert), will be reprising his role as the Mayor of Gotham. His character didn’t play a large role in The Dark Knight but he had a few key scenes and it’s nice to know that we’ll see yet another familiar face in The Dark Knight Rises.

Carbonell just one of the many returning actors that Nolan has brought back. Other familiar faces include Christian BaleMichael CaineGary Oldman and Morgan Freeman. And then of course there are the new additions that include Anne HathawayTom HardyJoseph Gordon-LevittJuno Temple and Josh Pence, among others.

It seems as if Nolan is just about done casting the film but I feel like he has one more surprise up his sleeve. Sure, there are a bunch of names hovering around the project that are either rumored or unconfirmed but I feel like there is still one person that hasn’t been mentioned, someone that Nolan is saving, holding onto. I could be wrong, but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

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