Netflix Added 2 New Movies Today

Friend but Married 2

Did you know that, according to some estimates, it would take you 34,739 hours to watch everything there is on Netflix? To put these numbers into perspective, that’s about 1,447 days, or four years of non-stop binging.

What’s more, that binge just got a few hours longer as everyone’s favorite streaming service added two new titles to its library today, and here’s a quick overview of them.

First off we got the awkwardly-titled #FriendButMarried 2. The name suggests something along the lines of friends with benefits catching feelings for each other, and if that’s your guess you wouldn’t be all that mistaken.

Except, you would be, because this film is no 2011 Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake-starring over-saturated Hollywood rom-com, but rather, an interesting and fairly well-crafted foreign pic. Originally produced in Indonesia in 2018, it tells the story of two friends who become lovers.

Directed by Rako Prijanto and starring Adipati Dolken alongside Vanesha Prescilla and Refal Hady, this is one of numerous foreign titles which Netflix has added to its library in recent months, presumably to cash in on the growing demand of Asiatic cultures induced by the Oscar-winning success of last year’s Parasite.

Friend but Married 2

The second entry, meanwhile, is a documentary called Skin. Yet another foreign title, this one sees British-born Nigerian actress Beverly Naya as she returns to her native country to discover the beauty of blackness. Written by and starring Naya herself, it’s an incredibly personal experience – one that offers an authentic alternative to the white-washed, vain beauty-centered shows on American TV.

Netflix could not have acquired this documentary at a better time, either. With the Black Lives Matter movement stronger than ever before, Skin contributes to the rapidly-growing amount of black voices telling their stories on western platforms.