Netflix Added 4 New Movies And 2 TV Shows Today

From Paris With Love

Netflix added six new titles this Tuesday, September 8th. Four movies were added to the streaming giant’s library, along with a couple of new TV shows. There are a duo of Netflix originals in the mix, while it’s also a good day for overseas content.

You can check out the full list below and then scroll down for a breakdown of the titles:


  • #Alive (2020) Netflix Original
  • Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2019)
  • Cargo (2019)
  • From Paris with Love (2010)

TV Series

  • Record of Youth (Chungchungirok) (Season 1) Netflix Original
  • StarBeam (Season 2) Netflix Original

As far as movies go, we’ve got Capital in the Twenty-First Century, an acclaimed documentary exploring corrupt businesses and contemporary capitalism, and Cargo, a 2019 Indian sci-fi flick about a future where the dead are recycled. You may also want to check out #Alive, a Korean zombie horror about a gamer’s struggle to survive the apocalypse as he’s forced to hunker down in his flat. It was released in its native country earlier this year with Netflix now distributing it elsewhere.

From Paris With Love

On the TV front, meanwhile, season 1 of fashion-themed Korean teen drama Record of Youth drops on the service, as does the second run of StarBeam, the superhero animated series for young kids about second grader Zoey whose alter ego is the superpowered StarBeam. The first season debuted on Netflix back in April.

Last but not least, we have 2010’s From Paris with Love. This actioner comes from Taken director Pierre Morel and is based on a story from Luc Besson. John Rhys Meyer stars as a low-ranking employee in the U.S. Ambassador’s office in the French capital who teams up with an American spy, played with over-the-top relish by John Travolta, to stop a terrorist attack. It got middling reviews, but it’s still one of the better Travolta films of recent years.

Tell us, though, what do you plan on watching on Netflix this week? Let us know down below.