Netflix Just Added 6 New Movies/TV Shows In Time For The Weekend

The Umbrella Academy

Today marks the end of the month and therefore the final content drop from Netflix for July, but it’s certainly been an excellent 31 days to be a subscriber to the service. This month has brought with it big movies like Million Dollar Baby, Patriots Day, Paranormal Activity and The Karate Kid trilogy alongside the addition of new shows like Warrior Nun and Cursed – the latter of which is now the platform’s top scripted series.

But as great as all of that has been, many subscribers have been waiting for this day to see the return of a very popular show that took the world by storm when it debuted last year. Of course, that show is The Umbrella Academy, and all ten episodes of its second season are available right now. The sophomore entry is already doing exceptionally well, too, sitting at an impressive 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The second season of the series deals with the fallout of last year’s finale where the superhero siblings failed to prevent the apocalypse but managed to escape at the last moment via a time jump. Unfortunately for them, the jump landed them all around Dallas, Texas across a three year period, leading to them being forced to find a way to reconnect and finally save the world.

If that’s not your thing, though, here’s the full list of what’s launching on Netflix today:

Get Even (Season 1) – A British thriller series.
Latte & the Magic Waterstone – An animated feature.
Seriously Single – An African comedy.
The Speed Cubers – A short documentary.
The Umbrella Academy (Season 2) – A popular superhero series.
Vis a vis: El Oasis (Locked Up) (Season 1) – A prison drama.

Although this is the final drop for Netflix in July, you can head through here to see what to expect on the platform throughout August. And, as always, be sure to keep it tuned for further updates on what content’s coming to all of your favorite streaming services in the future.