Netflix Added 6 New Movies Today

No Escape

February has always been somewhat dismissively viewed as a dumping ground for movies that the studios have lost interest in, but the unstoppable rise of the streaming service also means that fresh content is never too far away, with all of the major platforms regularly adding either brand new or pre-existing titles to the library.

The end of the year’s shortest month might be nigh, but Netflix continues to keep the good times rolling, with six movies being added to the vast lineup today, offering plenty of variety. Underrated Paul Rudd comedy Our Idiot Brother is definitely worth checking out, with an impressive ensemble lending support to the Ant-Man star, who plays a slacker recently released from prison who unintentionally wreaks havoc on the lives of his sisters, and you can see the full list of additions below.

  • Bigfoot Family
  • Captain Fantastic
  • Caught by a Wave
  • Crazy About Her
  • No Escape
  • Our Idiot Brother

Our Idiot Brother

Comedic drama Captain Fantastic drew strong reviews from critics and saw Viggo Mortensen land an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, while there’s also a trio of originals aimed at very different demographics. Sicilian-set romance Caught by a Wave, Spanish comedy Crazy About Her and the animated Bigfoot Family should all appeal to distinctly different crowds, but action thriller No Escape stands the best chance of cracking the Top 10 most-watched list.

Not only is it exactly the kind of B-level genre film that always tends to post a good showing on Netflix, but the scene where Owen Wilson throws his children from a rooftop in slow motion is a thing of beauty, and exactly the kind of cinematic majesty that deserves to be seen by as many of the 200 million subscribers around the world as possible.