Netflix Added 8 New Movies And TV Shows This Week

Finding Ohana

Traditionally, any major new additions to the Netflix library get less and less frequent towards the end of the month, before the streaming service typically dumps a huge amount of movies and TV shows on the first day of the following one. In standard fashion, the fresh arrivals over the last seven days didn’t even manage to crack double digits, but there have nonetheless been three original films to debut since Monday that have all proven to be hugely popular already.

Spanish-language action thriller Below Zero nabbed the number one spot on the Top 10 most-watched list yesterday, proving once again that Netflix’s 200 million subscribers can’t get enough of genre, as it became the third effort to reach the top of the rankings in little over a week after Jason Statham’s Homefront and Russell Crowe’s The Next Three Days.

Period piece The Dig has also drawn in plenty of viewers, with audiences rushing to check out an entirely different type of movie. Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes give solid performances in the acclaimed drama, which currently holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%, and you can see the full list of this week’s new film and television content below.

Released January 26


Released January 27

Penguin Bloom *NETFLIX FILM

Released January 29

Below Zero (Bajocero) — NETFLIX FILM
Finding ‘Ohana *NETFLIX FILM
We Are: The Brooklyn Saints *NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

Released January 31

Fatima (2020)

Below Zero

In what’s been another banner week for Netflix originals, TV veteran Jude Weng’s feature directorial debut Finding ‘Ohana is currently the second most popular title on the platform, sandwiched between Below Zero and The Dig. An old fashioned treasure hunting family adventure that’s very clearly inspired by The Goonies, so much so that Data actor Ke Huy Quan is even part of the supporting cast, it’s proven to be ideal lightweight entertainment to distract a huge number of Netflix viewers over the weekend.