Netflix Added 5 New Movies And 1 New TV Show Today

The Young Messiah

A recent survey found that one in five of Americans heavily rely on streaming services to help them cope with the trials and tribulations posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Netflix should be well aware of this fact, too, as their subscriber base has grown tremendously while other businesses – particularly those in the entertainment industry – are currently languishing.

Of course, periods of growth often precede times of rapid decline, and Netflix’s success has not been without its own complications. As more and more regions in the United States are reinstating quarantine, people consume content at faster rates than ever before. And in order to keep their subscribers satisfied, Netflix has tried their best to provide new material.

Today, for instance, August 27th, the streamer has added a total of 5 new movies and 1 new TV show, and the complete list is as follows:

5 New Movies

  • Edge of Seventeen (1998)
  • Night Comes On (2018)
  • The Bridge Curse (2020)
  • The Frozen Ground (2013)
  • The Young Messiah (2016)

1 New TV Series

  • Aggretsuko (Season 3) Netflix Original

The Frozen Ground

So, not the meatiest drop, but there are three films here that are definitely worth checking out. First up is The Frozen Ground, which premiered in 2013. Directed by Scott Walker and starring Nicolas Cage alongside Vanessa Hudgens, John Cusack and Dean Norris, this crime drama slash thriller follows an Alaskan state trooper who teams up with a murder victim to bring the serial killer that ruined her life to justice.

Next we have The Young Messiah, which released a bit more recently, in 2016. Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, this fantasy drama stars Adam Greaves-Neal alongside Sara Lazzaro, Vincent Walsh and Finn Ireland. Noted for being one of the few films in which actor Sean Bean does not die, it tells the story Jesus Christ’s childhood and the hardships he had to experience in early age.

Edge of Seventeen, meanwhile, is by far the oldest movie of the bunch, premiering in 1998. Directed by David Moreton and based on a script written by Todd Stephens, it stars Chris Stafford alongside Tina Holmes, Andersen Gabrych and Stephanie McVay. A romantic dramedy, it follows a teenager grappling with his sexuality as the last day of school approaches.

Tell us, though, what do you plan on watching on Netflix today? Do any of these titles pique your interest? As always, let us know down below.