Netflix Is Adding Some Great New Horror Movies In July


The great cycle of Netflix content continues, and throughout next month a number of horror movies will be added to the digital library, as if real life isn’t terrifying enough right now.

First up is Red Riding Hood, another retelling of possibly the world’s most famous fairy tale, this one seeing a young woman living in a village on the edge of a forest plagued by a werewolf becoming essential in unraveling the mystery of the creature’s identity as the townsfolk attempt to put an end to the threat.

Although far from the first adaptation of Washington Irving’s famous short story, Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow is also on the way and is one of the best, a murder mystery that expands the brief tale into a snapshot of colonial life and superstition, with black magic, brutal death and supernatural mayhem.

Splice, meanwhile, follows a pair of genetic engineers who push the boundaries of science by creating a hybrid of human and animal DNA, only to soon discover how little understanding they have of their creation, or control over her.

Like many lengthy horror movie series, Paranormal Activity has heavily become victim to the law of diminishing returns, but the first entry of the found footage saga remains as impactful as ever, seeing a young couple attempt to film the nocturnal torments visited on them by an unseen demonic force. And you’ll be able to stream it on Netflix starting next month.

Elsewhere, The Devil’s Advocate revolves around an amoral private defense attorney who after defending a child molester is offered a job at a Manhattan law firm run by a seemingly omniscient solicitor who may or may not be Satan, finding himself pulled ever further into his own personal hell.

The Witches is also coming to Netflix and is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by famed children’s author Roald Dahl, telling of a young boy visiting his grandmother who uncovers a cabal of demonic spellcasters with boundless hatred for children and who use their powers to destroy or transform them.

And finally, Winchester tells the semi-true story of Sarah Winchester, the elderly heiress to the fortune amassed from sales of the celebrated firearms, who believes herself cursed by the restless spirits of those were killed by the rifles, and uses her vast wealth to construct a mansion with a purposefully confusing layout to trap the ghosts tormenting her.

As well as all those films, also debuting is Japanese series Ju-On: Origins, the latest installment of the interminable franchise better known to some as The Grudge, about which specifics are sparse but will most probably feature unsuspecting people being stalked by pallid spirits emitting crackling death rattles.

Tell us, though, are you familiar with any of these titles and will you be checking them out on Netflix next month? As always, let us know down below.