Netflix Added 3 New Movies Today, Including One Of 2017’s Best Films

Lady Bird

Earlier this week, Netflix responded to the cultural sub-currents that currently define life in America by adding two of Spike Lee’s greatest filmsMalcolm X and Inside Man – to its online roster. Although June 3rd will not see the arrival of movies that are quite as socially appropriate, there are still three great titles which subscribers can now access today.

If you ask any person about their favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger film, they’d probably answer either The Terminator if they’re being serious, or Batman & Robin if they’re trying to mess with you. Either way, chances are they won’t mention Killing Gunther, which is now on Netflix. This action comedy movie, first released in 2017, tells the story of the world’s greatest hitman, who must face off against a group of assassins hellbent on putting him out of business. Although the film received low ratings, its zany premise should still provide some good laughs.

Lady Bird

Up next is Lady Bird, which makes for a much more critically acclaimed title. This indie instant-classic, written and directed by Greta Gerwig in 2017, offers the moving coming of age story of a special yet average young girl – played beautifully by Saoirse Ronan – growing up in a small town in rural America. A recipient of the Golden Globe award for Best Picture, Lady Bird is sure to make an impact on you. That is, as long as you have a heart, and a taste in cinema.

Last but not least, Netflix is also releasing an original documentary titled Spelling the Dream, which follows the challenges faced by a group of Indian-American students on their quest to win this iconic, all-American brain sport competition. Written and directed by Sam Rega, the same filmmaker who helped bring you 2016’s League of Millions, the pic is likely to touch your soul, and teach you how to spell.