Netflix Is Adding Tons Of Great Horror Titles Next Month

Fear Street

Netflix can always be relied upon to provide a new sizeable library of quality horror each month, and July is no exception. Here is what you can expect from the greatest genre.

The main addition is Fear Street, a trilogy of films set across three different time periods. The first, 1994, follows a group of teens who investigate the curse plaguing their Ohio town that results in periodic bouts of mass murder, then the story goes back in time to 1978 where a second group of youngsters attempt to survive, and 1666, where the curse’s origins during a witch hunt are revealed.

Another trio is three of the Underworld flicks revolving around an eternal war between vampires and werewolves: the original, the prequel third installment Rise of the Lycans detailing the conflict’s backstory, and Awakening, the forgettable fourth film where the two species are almost hunted to extinction by humans.


A Classic Horror Story is an Italian entry in the metafictional setup of characters being aware of genre tropes, the film intentionally evoking multiple subgenres such as Giallo, slasher, found footage, cabin in the woods, folk horror, and torture porn, all leading to the mystery behind their suffering.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North is a movie spinoff from South Korean period zombie horror Kingdom, focusing on the mysterious woman encountered at the end of season 2 who keeps a collection of the undead.

In The 8th Night, a demon escaped from its prison wreaks havoc and death as it searches for its other half.

The Strangers is a stripped-down and nasty home invasion flick where a couple are menaced by a trio of masked sadists.

Blood Red Sky sees a woman struggling to suppress her vampiric urges forced to unleash her inner monster to protect her son from hijackers.


Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is a CG anime set between the fourth and fifth games, where Leon and Claire investigate another potential outbreak, as well as the government conspiracy behind it.

The second season of French supernatural drama Mortel sees the further adventures of the superpowered teens, this time dealing with the aftermath of the first season, as well as the machinations of the voodoo god who gave them their abilities.

Also on the TV front is season 10 of The Walking Dead and the climax of the war against the Whisperers, and the fourth and sadly final season of Wynonna Earp, where the eponymous demon-hunting gunslinger faces a final fight to protect her family.