Netflix Cheekily Reveals How To Get A Free Subscription

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Netflix is the dominant online streaming service today, despite stiff competition from Amazon Prime and Disney+ now entering the ring with its own batch of original programming. With the territory though also comes a host of spammers and hackers offering up free Netflix subscriptions for viewers who don’t have the cash to cough up for a monthly plan.

This time, however, aside from calling out one such fake offer, the streaming giant has also cheekily pointed out an easier way to get around paying for your own Netflix account that viewers already make full use of. See for yourself below:

This comment proves that Netflix is well aware of the dodgy subscription practices that are being carried out on its platform. Instead of every user paying for an account, often a single person will pay for a subscription while their friends and relatives use their Netflix username and password at different times to watch their favorite shows and movies.

This tactic, while technically legal, is obviously not something that benefits Netflix and is a major reason why only a fraction of the people who use the platform actually pay for the service. It’s rare to find a company though not only openly acknowledging the abuse of their payment system by users, but actually making jokes about it, and reflects their apparent acceptance that this is the way things are going to be for the present, at least until someone figures out a way to stop users from sharing passwords.

In any case, despite suffering some losses, Netflix is still moving determinedly ahead with its plans of becoming the primary source of online entertainment by adding a ton of existing shows and movies while also coming up with a lot of original programming to keep subscribers interested and continuing to fork over the monthly subscription fees. Only time will tell if all their efforts will pay off in the long run, though.