We Got Netflix Covered: Trekkies, Unconventional Superheroes And A Romantic Zombie Film That’s Not Warm Bodies?


Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch movies and television, starting simply by mailing titles directly to your house, then evolving into the streaming mecca of all things instantly watchable. Let’s be honest though, how often do we still get Netflix titles in the mail? How many of us have the same Netflix envelope from eight moths ago sitting on our dresser, pushed aside for television series binge-watching and impulse selections? We’ve all been there, and we’re all still paying for that monthly by-mail DVD delivery subscription because hey, you never know, right?

Shifting our sights to the Netflix Watch Instantly catalog, scrolling through title after title can be one of the most intimidating experiences a normal human has to encounter. How many of you sit there for 20 minutes cycling through lists of movies only to become frustrated, give up, and pop in one of your go-to crowd pleasers? Well, have no fear my indecisive brethren, because we here at We Got This Covered would love to help with your nightly movie picking conundrums by offering our vast expertise in the art of movie selecting and watching. We watch ALL of the movies so you only have to see the good ones!

Welcome to our new recurring recommendation article, We Got Netflix Covered, a place where numerous writers will be discussing their specific genre-based favorites that you can stream on Netflix Watch Instantly this very second. To prove we certainly do have this covered, we’ve developed a list of genres that we’ll be providing recommendations for every week – 11 total genres – and the writers responsible for each section have been established. While these might change week to week, here’s today’s roster:

Independent: Sarah Myles
Classics: Lauren Humphries-Brooks
Television: Eric Hall
Action & Adventure: James Garcia
Foreign: Paulo Lazo
Documentaries: Adam Donaldson
Dramas: Isaac Feldberg
Horror: Matt Donato
Family/Children’s Movies: Christian Law
Comedies: Gem Seddon
Sci-Fi: Al Lowe

Look at those names – a real “almost” Dirty Dozen if I do say so myself. Enough chatting though, let’s see which Netflix movies you should be streaming this week!