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Netflix ends a fantasy adaptation in record time as a dystopian romance trapped in development hell is put out of its misery

Another one bites the dust.

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Netflix has unfortunately built itself a reputation for being the place where fantasy adaptations of popular book series go to die, but now the streamer is really outdoing itself in canceling one such project before it’s even been made. After three years of languishing in development, the dystopian romance movie The Selection has been quietly canned at the company, as revealed by the series’ creator Kiera Cass.

Cass — who penned the original five-book young adult novel series that began in 2012 — made the announcement on her personal website. “Well, friends, it’s time to make it official: Netflix will not be making The Selection Movie,” Cass wrote. “While they will still maintain the film rights for a few more years, there are no longer any plans to produce a film or series.”

Often described as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, The Selection book series takes place in a futuristic society divided into castes and centers around the titular Selection, a contest for 35 women to compete for the prince’s hand in marriage. Lower-class citizen America Singer shockingly finds herself a hot contender in the race, after earning the prince’s affections, but she must reckon with the unexpected changes and responsibilities joining the royal court brings.

The project was first announced in April 2020, from producers Denise Di Novi and Pouya Shahbazian and with Haifaa Al-Mansour (The Perfect Candidate) attached to direct. The trail had gone quiet for a long while, however, so clearly the prospective film had stalled to such an extent that it made sense for Netflix to officially shut up shop.

Still, it’s somewhat surprising that this decision has been made as The Selection could’ve tapped into the lucrative romance genre — which continues to smash Netflix viewing records.

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