New Study Reveals The 10 Netflix Horror Movies Too Scary To Finish


Veronica has caused quite the stir since it debuted on Netflix.

Paco Plaza’s Spanish horror flick, one that’s said to be based on true events, is supposedly too scary to finish, with Netflix revealing that many of its subscribers started to stream Veronica, only to pull the plug mid-way through and cower behind the sofa. Or something to that effect.

And now, the online giant has gone one step further to reveal the 10 horror movies that viewers simply couldn’t finish. According to the metadata, the likes of Raw, Teeth and The Conjuring were all switched off by a large portion of viewers after at least 70 percent of the runtime had passed, which tells us that this wasn’t just a case of innocent boredom.

Per Netflix:

Technically speaking, these are the top horror films that committed viewers just couldn’t finish – they made it halfway through, they made it past the climax, but they just couldn’t survive until the end.

raw netflix horror movies

And without further ado, here’s the 10 Netflix horror movies that are seemingly too scary to finish:

Cabin Fever
Carnage Park
México Bárbaro
The Conjuring
The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
The Void

There are a number of caveats to bear in mind, of course. For one, it’s impossible to know for sure whether people decide to switch off their chosen horror movie due to an overwhelming sense of fear or, in the more likely scenario, they’ve simply lost interest in what Netflix has to offer. Sure, The Conjuring and The Void have their moments, but the Cabin Fever remake? It’s mediocre at best. Ditto for The Human Centipede 2, which trades any sense of ominous dread for grotesque (and at times gratuitous) body horror.

But what do you make of Netflix’s findings? You can, as always, share your thoughts in the usual place.