Netflix Is Losing Several Big Horror Movies Next Month

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2

It’s always a sad day when quality films leave streaming services, and next month will see a number of popular horror pics depart from Netflix.

Most importantly, the platform will lose seminal Korean zombie movie Train to Busan, although if there was ever a time for a rewatch it’s right now, what with the follow-up/not-really-a-sequel Peninsula being released tomorrow. The story follows a train’s passengers battling for survival as a zombie apocalypse kicks off, with the events also commenting on Korea’s heavily stratified society.

Unfortunately, underrated comedy horror and inverted slasher Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is also leaving next month. This one sees a series of mishaps result in the eponymous pair of rednecks being mistaken for serial killers by a group of vacationing college students, and they must fight for their own survival against the preppy psychopaths.

Elsewhere, The Witch follows a family of Puritan exiles living isolated in 1630s New England who encounter witchcraft and supernatural forces residing in the nearby woods that continually torment them. The literally named The Devil’s Advocate, meanwhile, follows a successful solicitor who accepts a job at a prestigious law firm that just might be run by Satan himself.

Starship Troopers is another great flick leaving Netflix in September that was dismissed upon its release as overblown and throwaway sci-fi trash (which in itself was quite a feat considering the cinematic output of the ‘90s), but has been reappraised over the last two decades for its rejigging of Robert Heinlein’s militaristic novel of gung-ho jingoism into a satire ridiculing priapic exuberance at the glory of war, told through the journey of a group of new conscripts as they enlist in an interplanetary war against a race of insectoid extraterrestrials.

Also departing from Netflix next month as far as horror/genre pics go are Blumhouse ghost stories Insidious and Sinister, the original Jurassic Park trilogy, video game movies Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil: Afterlife, and two of the lesser Terminator flicks: Rise of the Machines and Salvation.