Netflix Is Losing Another Great Movie To Disney Plus

Christopher Robin

Some of Netflix‘s most-watched content has been provided by Disney. This collection not only includes entries from the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, but standalone films as well. Take, for instance, Christopher Robin, a much-beloved live-action reboot of the Mouse House’s classic which will be leaving the streamer on September 5th in favor of Disney+.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the property – something which is highly unlikely considering that Winnie the Pooh, strange as it is, has made Disney more money than Mickey Mouse himself – Christopher Robin tells the story of that little boy who used to come to the Hundred Acre Woods to play with his stuffed animal friends.

Set in the future, Mr. Robin is no longer a carefree child with lots of free time. Far from it, in fact, as he’s a workaholic dad desperate for a promotion who lives in the middle of London with his neglected wife and daughter. Although the family had planned to go on vacation to the countryside for a weekend, our protagonist sadly has to miss out on the trip as his boss asked him to work some extra hours.

Christopher Robin

It’s at this moment in the story that Pooh swoops in to save the day. By reconnecting with his childhood friend, Christopher Robin eventually makes up with his wife and kid and even manages to improve his workplace. The story of this film is indeed a familiar one insofar as it shows Pooh’s unorthodox outlook on life producing a positive effect on the world around him.

Christopher Robin is a truly heartwarming movie concerning Pooh’s worst nightmare, one which has been explored in several of his animated efforts. Namely, what happens when your best friend grows up and doesn’t have time for you anymore? The story made us cry in 2D, and it made us cry in live-action, so watch it while you can.