Netflix Investigating Whether Al Pacino Has Ever Worn Shorts In A Movie


At one point during Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Al Pacino gets upset with a business partner for wearing shorts to a meeting. The exchange comes as little more than a bit of comic relief, one that provides yet another quirk to Pacino’s highly idiosyncratic character. Even so, it’s got Netflix setting out on a rather unusual search mission.

In a series of tweets, the streamer has been conducting an investigation that aims to find a film in which Pacino wears shorts. In theory, this should be done in no time considering his characters frequently find themselves in hot climates. So far, however, the search has proven unsuccessful.

Starting out with The Irishman, Netflix points out that Pacino may be the crazy person in this scene for insisting on wearing trousers to a meeting that takes place in Florida in the middle of the summer. In a follow-up tweet, the streamer then looked at The Godfather Part II, where Michael Corleone spends a considerable amount of the film in Cuba wearing a similar outfit.

Meanwhile, like many other characters in the Miami-set movie Scarface, Pacino spends the pic clad in a white suit, while Donnie Brasco has a scene that takes place on the beach, but even though the vast majority of the characters are clad in shorts or swimming trunks, Pacino sports his usual, long-legged attire.


Ultimately, fans were able to beat Netflix to the punch. Replying to the streamer’s tweet with a clip from the 1999 film The Insider, they were able to find a scene in which Al Pacino does indeed wear shorts.

Netflix, in turn, replied with a still from Star Wars showing Samuel L. Jackson granting them the title of master.

Well played Netflix, well played.