Every Netflix Recommendation Stephen King Has Made So Far

Money Heist

Stephen King, also known as the world’s most successful author, has been giving out tons of viewing recommendations to help his fans get through the quarantine. In the past, the writer has stuck to his usual MO: thriller and horror. Recently, however, he’s expanded his tastes quite a bit, and these are all the movies and shows on Netflix that he’s given the thumbs up to.

For starters, King recommended Spike Lee’s new film Da 5 Bloods almost as soon as it was released. The first picture which the acclaimed director and civil rights activist produced in collaboration with the streamer, it’s quite a departure from his previous work. Although it’s still very much focused on black life and culture, this tale, about a group of war veterans, takes place not in Bed Stuy, but the jungles of Vietnam. King called it “fabulous,” and we agree.

The writer also recommended a series called Dracula. Co-produced by Netflix and the BBC, it follows, as you might have guessed, the life and death of the world’s most famous vampire. Although the show was met with mixed reviews upon release, King wholeheartedly endorsed it. Calling it “smart” “involving” and “bloody terrific,” he really wants you to give this one a try.

One of the more original titles that King mentioned was Cam. Made in 2018 and met with a fair amount of praise, this unique feature follows an aspiring young cam girl who finds, one day, that an exact double has taken over her online sessions. A smart commentary on the psychological effects of sex work, it’s a very powerful story that’s sure to make an impression on you.

Other titles that Stephen King has mentioned as being good Netflix watches include the drama Pine Gap, the horror show Black Summer and the thriller series The Stranger, as well as recommending ReckoningLa ManteMoney HeistMindhunterFauda and Hotel Beau Sejour. In particular, he seemed quite enthusiastic about Pine Gap and Money Heist, saying:

Tell us, though, do any of these Stephen King recommendations appeal to you? As always, let us know by dropping a comment down below.