Netflix reveals its summer movie lineup with new films from Chris Hemsworth, Adam Sandler, and more

Chris Hemsworth in Spiderhead
Image via Netflix

The upcoming content slated for Netflix‘s summer season has just dropped, with faces like Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, and Rebel Wilson decorating the casts of film and television alike.

Headlining are films such as sci-fi thriller Spiderhead, which stars Chris Hemsworth as prison chief Steve Abnesti, whose facility allows its inmates to reduce their sentence by acting as test subjects for experimental drugs. The drugs, which alter the subject’s emotions, create a harrowing situation for inmates Jeff and Rachel, both of whom have yet to reconcile their pasts.

Rebel Wilson’s comedy film Senior Year is also set for a summer release. The film follows Wilson as Stephanie Conway, a 2002-era high school senior who enters a coma due to a cheerleading accident. Waking up 20 years later as a 37-year-old woman, Stephanie returns to high school to finish her senior year, all while adjusting to the brand new social climate that has set in since she last walked its halls.

Also of note is animated feature The Sea Beast, a story about a young girl’s friendship with a sea monster. Animation fans will want to give this one a watch, as animated projects seem to be getting the chopping block in light of Netflix’s troubles with the stock market.

The full Netflix summer schedule can be found below:


  • Along for the Ride (May 6)
  • The Takedown (France) (May 6)
  • Thar (India(May 6)
  • Operation Mincemeat (May 11, In Select Territories)
  • Senior Year (May 13)
  • A Perfect Pairing (May 19)
  • The Photographer: Murder In Pinamar (Argentina) (May 19)
Adam Sandler in Hustle
Adam Sandler in Hustle | Photo by Scott Yamano/Netflix


  • Interceptor (June 3)
  • Hustle (June 8)
  • Halftime (June 14)
  • The Wrath of God (Argentina) (June 15)
  • Spiderhead (June 17)
  • Civil (June 19)
  • Love & Gelato (Italy) (June 22)
The Sea Beast
Sea Beast | Image via Netflix


  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between (July 6)
  • The Sea Beast (July 8)
  • Dangerous Liaisons (France) (July 8)
  • Persuasion (July 15)
  • The Gray Man (July 22)
  • Purple Hearts (July 29)


  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (Aug. 5)
  • 13: The Musical (Aug. 12)
  • Day Shift (Aug. 12)
  • Me Time (Aug. 26)

Labor Day Weekend

  • Love in the Villa (Sept. 1)

Other Releases

  • Beauty
  • Buba: Once Upon a Crime (Germany)
  • Carter (Korea)
  • Don’t Blame Karma! (Mexico)
  • Fenced In (Brazil)
  • For Jojo (Germany)
  • I Came By (UK)
  • The Man From Toronto
  • Pipa (Argentina)
  • Seoul Vibe (Korea)
  • Togo (Uruguay)
  • Wedding Season

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