Netflix Shares Spooky New Poster For Adam Sandler’s Halloween Movie

Adam Sandler

October is finally here, meaning that the spooky season has officially kicked off, even though a lot of people have been celebrating since the start of last month. There’s no shortage of scares, blood, guts and gore coming to a streaming service near you over the next few weeks, but the single most terrifying movie on the horizon might very well be the latest Adam Sandler vehicle heading to Netflix.

The actor claimed last year that if his performance in Uncut Gems was snubbed at the Academy Awards, he would set out to deliberately make the worst film in recorded history. Of course, he was more than likely joking, but based on the overall quality of his Netflix output, it can’t be ruled out that Hubie Halloween is going to be awful.

This being a Sandler and Netflix collaboration, though, the latest from Happy Madison is guaranteed to pull in some huge numbers when it arrives, and to celebrate the upcoming release, a new poster has been unveiled, which you can check out below.

The latest one-sheet isn’t actually all that bad and gives off some distinct 1980s vibes in terms of aesthetics, but based on the trailers, Hubie Halloween is going to follow the standard Sandler formula to the letter – which could be either a good or bad thing depending on how you view his films. As arguably the crown jewel in Netflix’s crown and a very good actor in the right project, though, you can’t help but feel that the 53 year-old is far too content to coast by and pick up a hefty paycheck when he should really be looking to challenge himself creatively after spending the last quarter of a century essentially playing the same character over and over again.