Netflix Users Are Getting Confused Over Ant-Man Thumbnail With Thor’s Hammer

Netflix in some regions has been using one of the more unique promotional posters for Ant-Man on their streaming service and it has some MCU fans extremely confused.

In a post to Reddit, one viewer shared a screenshot from their Netflix account which uses a poster of Ant-Man standing upon Thor’s hammer as the thumbnail for the movie. Given that Thro doesn’t appear in the film, this had some fans scratching their heads.

After being shared to the Marvel Studios Reddit and garnering quite a few upvotes a responder quickly explained the context of this image and why it was used in the first place.

As the commenter explains, when Ant-Man was set to release Marvel did a pair of posters starring Ant-Man nearby objects that are associated with the MCU. This was mainly done to make sure that new viewers understood that this character would be connected into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now it’s being used to spice things up on streaming services.

Along with the Thor poster, you can also find a similar look that has Ant-Man standing on top of Captain America’s shield. Now that fans got to the bottom of this you can rest easy knowing that there aren’t any hidden Thor cameos you missed during your watch of Ant-Man