Netflix Users Are Loving Liam Neeson’s New Movie

The Ice Road

Not even a global pandemic can slow down Liam Neeson‘s desire to maintain his position as one of cinema’s premiere action stars. The 69 year-old was the only actor of the COVID-19 era to headline two movies that opened at the top of the box office thanks to Honest Thief and The Marksman, the latter of which also became the highest-grossing title that didn’t hail from one of the major studios.

Neeson may have hinted at an impending retirement from running and gunning on many occasions over the last few years, but people keep sending him scripts and he keeps signing them, so his Indian summer isn’t over quite yet. In fact, The Ice Road has landed on Netflix today, offering a snowy variation on the Academy Award nominee’s standard thriller formula.

The plot follows Neeson’s ice road trucker, who ends up taking part in a dangerous rescue mission after a group of workers find themselves trapped in a collapsed diamond mine, but there’s a cabal of villains also on the loose who have nefarious intentions of their own. As you’d expect, Netflix subscribers are going wild for The Ice Road, with tons of people flocking to social media already to share their thoughts on the pic.

The Ice Road

You don’t even really need to know what The Ice Road is about, when the promise of Liam Neeson doing what he does best probably made your mind up about whether or not you’re willing to check it out a long time ago. Co-star Laurence Fishburne is always a welcome presence in action movies when he’s allowed to cut loose and have a little fun, and the viewing numbers will no doubt end up justifying Netflix’s $18 million investment in the distribution rights and then some.