Netflix users name ‘The Gray Man’ as 2022’s most-anticipated original

the gray man Ryan gosling
Image via Netflix

Since leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind, at least temporarily, Joe and Anthony Russo have become busier than ever setting up a raft of projects covering multiple genres through their AGBO banner.

They’ve largely been operating as writers and producers, though, with the exception of Tom Holland’s middling biographical crime thriller Cherry, but the siblings are back behind the camera to deliver a $200 million blockbuster that’s already aiming to topple Red Notice as Netflix’s biggest original movie ever.

The Gray Man comes burdened with a big budget and even bigger expectations, roping in a roster of top talents to populate a globetrotting espionage thriller anchored by A-listers Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, the latter of whom very rarely steps into such an action-packed sandbox.

As you can see from the reactions below, the streaming service’s 2022 preview that dropped yesterday has stirred up plenty of conversation, but none of the projects teased have generated as much hype as The Gray Man.

A mustachioed Evans making a rare detour into villainous territory to play a government operative tasked to hunt Gosling down to the ends of the earth has all the potential in the world to hit that sweet spot between critical acclaim and audience enthusiasm, something Red Notice failed to manage, the only problem is that folks are already starting to grow restless waiting for a trailer.