Netflix viewers revisit a bungled blockbuster the cast and crew hated making

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Having now gone zero-for-three in the space of 10 years when it comes to delivering reboots that were intended to launch brand new trilogies, the jury is out on whether or not the Terminator franchise deserves a place at the Hollywood top table. We’ll be getting another one eventually, though, but the least we can hope for is that it turns out better than Genisys.

The worst-reviewed installment by far, the fifth entry in the cybernetic series was only saved from outright commercial disaster by a strong showing at the Chinese box office, which generated over $155 million of the movie’s $440 million total. Two sequels were announced, awarded release dates, and confirmed to be shot back-to-back, which obviously didn’t happen once the dust had settled on Genisys and everyone realized that it was resolutely terrible.

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We’re not just talking about the fans or critics, either. Star Emilia Clarke admitted that she wishes she’d never boarded the project in the first place, Jai Courtney said the property should be left well alone after his contributions to the mythology fell flat, while director Alan Taylor revealed that his experience had almost caused him to lose the will to live, which is a damning indictment if ever there was one.

Despite so many key players blasting the sci-fi blockbuster, Terminator Genisys continues to prove surprisingly popular among Netflix subscribers. As per FlixPatrol, the maligned attempt at reinventing the entire universe from the ground up has reappeared on the platform’s global charts, where it’s even managed to secure fifth spot on the Australian rankings into the bargain.

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