Netflix will give ‘Gladiator’ the thumbs down next month

Netflix has decided to kill the blockbuster film Gladiator from its streaming platform next month, meaning viewers have less than two weeks to watch it before it disappears on January 1st, 2022.

The film follows Maximus, a former Roman General who wants revenge against the Emperor for murdering his family and sending him into slavery. To do so, Maximus has to rise through the ranks as a gladiator, defeating opponents in the ring until he earns an audience in the Colosseum and the Emperor.

Russell Crowe starred in the film and his incredible performance landed him an Oscar for Best Actor, the only one of his career. Fellow Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix starred opposite Crowe as the corrupt emperor Commodus. However, the acting wasn’t the only standout — Gladiator was nominated for a colossal 12 Oscars across the board, winning 5 including Best Picture.

Ridley Scott directed the film and has been incredibly busy ever since. He had two huge films released this year, including the infamous The Last Duel which bombed at the box office. His second film in 2021 was House of Gucci, which gathered acclaim for Lady Gaga’s performance, an effort that stretched her to the point of needing psychiatric treatment.

Scott has kept hopes alive for a Gladiator sequel, saying the script is being written and filming will begin “when I’ve done Napoleon”. It could be years before that happens, however, so you’d best enjoy Gladiator on Netflix while you can.