Netflix’s new animated movie is a huge hit for the platform


In the platform’s continued quest for total and complete domination of the streaming wars, and then presumably the entire world, Netflix has focused on animation as a department worth improving on.

As a result, the company has been hoovering up a succession of properties to distribute exclusively, although it would be fair to say the results have been mixed. The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Vivo and Wish Dragon were all acquired from Sony at great expense this year, and while the first two scored critical acclaim and bumper viewing figures, you may have forgotten about the latter already.


The latest kid-friendly success story on Netflix is Back to the Outback, the inoffensively charming Australian-set adventure that ropes in local talents Isla Fisher, Tim Minchin, Guy Pearce, Eric Bana, Jackie Weaver, Kylie Minogue and more to populate the ensemble.

The plot follows a plucky band of deadly creatures that have grown tired of being kept in captivity, leading to a daring escape and adventure through the wilderness. As per FlixPatrol, Back to the Outback has shot straight onto the most-watched list in third position since debuting on Friday, to go with respectable Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 86% and 74% from critics and audiences.