Netflix’s new post-apocalyptic thriller freezes up the viewership charts


Over the last few years, Noomi Rapace has developed a reputation for lending her talents to high concept genre films that stream exclusively on Netflix and find instant success among subscribers, and she’s at it again with post-apocalyptic thriller Black Crab.

Having previously lent support as the villainous elfish antagonist of David Ayer’s Bright, played seven different roles in sci-fi actioner What Happened to Monday, and headlined bruising conspiracy tale Close, the actress has become a dab hand at powering a succession of sizeable hits for the streaming service.

Black Crab marks the feature debut of veteran music video director Adam Berg, and it’s certainly an ambitious undertaking for a first-timer. Rapace stars as Caroline Edh, who sets off on a dangerous and potentially deadly mission across a frozen sea, transporting a mysterious cargo that may prove to be pivotal in ending a war that’s ravaged mankind.


As per FlixPatrol, viewers have taken Black Crab to their hearts, with the unassuming futuristic adventure debuting as the second most-watched title on the platform around the world. It may have failed to dislodge reigning champion The Adam Project, but it’s nonetheless managed to nab the top spot in 21 countries, cracking the Top 10 in 88 nations in total.

A 64% Rotten Tomatoes score is roughly par for the course when it comes to Netflix’s mid budget roster of star-powered originals, with Rapace’s lead performance once again being singled out for praise. At a lean, mean 85 minutes, it’s little wonder Black Crab has been proving so popular.