Netflix’s Newest Original Movie Has Been Dominating This Weekend

The Last Days of American Crime

Netflix has been bringing us a solid helping of original movies over the last few months. However, it must be said that the quality has varied quite a bit. Coffee & Kareem was pretty terrible, while Extraction was all kinds of awesome. Still, both saw very solid viewing figures. Now, their latest original is available for you to stream and it comes in the form of sci-fi heist drama The Last Days Of American Crime.

Helmed by Taken 2‘s Olivier Megaton, the pic is based on a 2009 graphic novel by Rick Remender and Gregg Tocchini and boasts a strong cast that includes Michael Pitt, Sharlto Copley, Edgar Ramirez and Anna Brewster. Set in a crime-ridden “not too distant” future, in which the US government is looking to introduce some sort of technology that makes it impossible for citizens to commit crime, The Last Days of American Crime certainly has an intriguing premise, and one that’s seemingly drawing lots of people in.

Though reviews have been pretty harsh so far – Rotten Tomatoes has it at 0% at the time of writing – viewers seem to be digging it, as the film currently sits at #5 on the Top 10 list for all Netflix content, and #1 on the Top 10 movies list, meaning it’s pulling in some big numbers for the platform. But should we really be surprised by that?

The Last Days of American Crime

As we’ve seen in recent months, most Netflix originals get a boost during their first few days of release, with the streaming site heavily promoting them on the service. The real test will be seeing how long The Last Days of American Crime can last on each respective Top 10 list.

Titles like Extraction and Tiger King have managed to hang around those lists for quite a while after release, while many others pop up for a day or two and then fade away. We’ll have to wait and see which group The Last Days of American Crime falls into, but as of right now, at least, it seems to be dominating on Netflix and attracting a healthy audience.